"It took my friends a while to get over the whole idea of eating Waffles by hand as a snack...they had never eaten an authentic Belgian Waffle... just the store bought frozen kind.  But once they tried one of Sylvia's Waffle without syrup and tasted its natural sweetness, they thought it was dynamite and can't get enough of them."

Charlyne, Clearwater 

"I really enjoyed your chocolate chip waffles, and I shared one with my brother and he loved it too. I meant to go out and get some toppings like whip cream and such, but I ended up eating them like a cookie. They were plentiful with the chocolate chips and it had an amazing taste.  If they taste that good without a topping, I can only imagine what an exquisite dessert they would make with some whip cream!"

Anthony, Clearwater 

"Since I tried your waffles, I cannot eat an Eggo Waffle anymore"

Peter, Tampa

"Best Vegan waffle I ever ate!"

Morgan, St Petersburg

The Authentic Belgian Waffles

"All week long, my son asks when we are going to the market to eat your waffles".

Tim, St Petersburg

"Several of my friends told me you have the best waffles ever, I wanted to try it myself, they are right. I tried waffles all over the world and yours is for sure the best!"

​Mark, Tampa

"Best Gluten Free Waffle I ever eat! Super delicious!"

Betty, St Petersburg

"I can't wait for the market to eat my waffles!"

Dawn, South Tampa

"Simply put, these Waffles are Wonderful and the gluten free waffle is super delicious"

Jack, Gulfport

"I'm 90 years old, I love Belgian Waffles but Sylvia's waffles are the best waffles

I ever ate!...They are wonderful"

Josephine, New-York 

"Sylvia has the best waffles. I am 93 and wouldn't like to miss my waffle on Saturday"

​Ann, St Petersburg

"Oh My Gosh.... Unbelievable! The best waffles ever!"

Paola, Dunedin

"I gave one of your waffles to my son (6) and he said "Dad, this is the best food I ever ate"

Todd, St Petersburg 

“Sylvia's waffles always put a smile on our faces! Her authentic recipe melts in your mouth and is unique to any other waffle out there.  It is truly a bite of Belgium. Sylvia is an angel and her waffles taste like they came from heaven with her!"

​Karlee, Kissimmee

"True as advertised... the authentic Belgian waffles are great to eat as is. They are sweet and filling.  We order some each month.  Sylvia's smile and laugh are as appealing as the waffles. We get them in single serve bags, ready to throw into the kids' lunches." 

Judith, Hyde Park 

Sylvia's Waffles

"The best, amazing, delicious ...wow !"

Ayden, St Petersburg 

Since 2008

"I've  traveled to Belgium and had the pleasure of eating the Belgian Waffles offered in different parts of the country. Sylvia's family-handed-down recipe does more than bring the old world, authentic Belgian Waffle to America. Her waffles are truly unique and special. 

They are a pure delight for those who have never experienced real Belgian Waffles.  Hands down, Sylvia's waffles are better than the ones I ate on the street corners in Belgium!"

Mike, St Pete